AR 84270617

AR 84/270617

AR 84/270617

32  SULZER PU PROJECTILE Year 1983,WW 390, Projectile Type D1, Picking Degree 110, Machine Structure RE-INFORCED, No Of Colors 2, Shedding Motion Cam, Shedding Motion Type Mechanical, Shedding Motion Model

E10, Shedding Motion Capacity 10, Shedding Motion Installed Capacity 10, Let-Off Motion Mechanical, Selvedge Type

Tuck-in, No of Back Rest Roll 2, Warp Beam Dia in mm 940, No of Prewinder/Set 2, No of Frames Supplied 6, No of Healed Wire Supplied/Set 8000, No of Warp Stop Bar 6, No of Dropper Supplied 8000, No of Warp Beam Supplied

1.5, Beam Type TWIN