AR /250917

24 PICANOL AIRJET Weaving Model OMNI-4R-190CM, Year 1994, OMNI-4-R-190CM   .......Main Specifications

Width reduction       upto =   70cm, Automatic Controls   Microprocessor with Memory cards. Extended graphic terminal with support functions, Interface for bi-directional communication,  With 4-colours light column for stop indications. Yarn Range   Spun Yarns:  Nm 5 - Nm 120, Filament Yarns:  dtex 20 - dtex 400, Filling Stop Motion  Photo-Electrical, Colour Selection 4- Colors, Filling Insertion System of main and relay nozzles combined with tunnel reed 

Shedding Motion    Staubli 2580RS type electronic, Frame for max. 20 hooks, Equipped with: 16 hooks for shedding motion, Harness Drive  up to 16-harnesses.  Filling Cutter Electrical, with electronic control. Separate setting of cutting